Feminine Hygiene Products (OEM / ODM)

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  1. Slim Soft Sanitary Napkin (OEM/ODM)

    Cotton like topsheet and high-efficiency super absorbent body, so that the surface layer can keep dry and decrease re-wet; available in 215, 255, 280, 365, &400mm
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  2. Nano Silver Panty Liner (OEM/ODM)

    With cotton-like top sheet and nano-silver treated acquisition layer, this liner gives you ultra comfort and odor control during pre- and post-menstrual period Available in 150 & 170mm, Unsc & Sc
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  3. Valued Panty Liner (OEM/ODM)

    With cotton-like soft top sheet, special embossing makes the surface more comfortable. Available in 140mm, Unsc & Sc
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  4. Ultra Thin Cooling Sanitary Napkin (OEM/ODM)

    With natural menthol added to the core, this pad help eliminate the muggy feeling and irritation during menstrual flow, and neutralize odours. Available in 215, 255, 280, 330, 365, & 400mm
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  5. Cotton Sanitary Napkin (OEM/ODM)

    With 100% cotton top sheet, this ultra thin pad gives you natural and soft touch to the skin. Available in 215, 255, 280, 330mm; size / shape customization allowed
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